Mulatas Sweet


This web site presents information in a thematic way about the gifts baskets, gifts and surprise breakfasts, offered by the company "Mulatas Sweet". Through the web page, the user can add products to the cart and make payments directly to the company after purchasing them, in addition, you can also contact people from the company, and know in a general way all that the company offers.


This website was developed by Urcube, in conjunction and constant communication with the client; several models were proposed after listening to their ideas and suggestions, this had an initial mockup, which underwent several modifications during the course of the project. Consequently, the final design was made in order to start developing it.

With the website already in place and online, details were finalized, and with the finishing touches, the website was published online in 2019.

Technologies Used:

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Learn about the project

If you want to visit Mulatas Sweet's website, click here.

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